Audrey Goldberg, BA, CRP

I graduated from the Rolf Institute® of Structural Integration (RISI) in Boulder, Colorado as a Certified Rolfer™ in 2008. In 2010, my Rolf Movement® certification was completed. Additionally, I have studied CranioSacral and Sourcepoint therapies to compliment and enhance my Rolfing sessions. I have attended workshops for Continuum, breath work and sound healing.

Prior to attending RISI, I earned a B.A. in Outdoor Experiential Education and Environmental Studies from Prescott College and became a certified yoga instructor at Yoga Shala in Prescott, Arizona. I worked as a backpacking, climbing, and river guide 3 seasons a year in Colorado, Alaska, Arizona and California. Winters were spent ski patrolling in the Sierra Nevada, California.

How Rolfing® Changed My Life

My love of physical activity and need for body awareness and efficiency in all my endeavors has greatly informed and enhanced both my work with clients and my own healing processes. Rolfing found me in 2006 after a back injury I incurred while skiing. Traditional treatment- including pain medication, avoiding specific activity and movement, and stretching- acted as a band aid. I resumed life as an active outdoor guide, feeling strong in many ways, but always aware that something wasn't quite right and that I had a "weak link". After short term success with alternative treatments, I was motivated to get at the root of the injury. I received a Rolfing 10 series- 10 sessions that systematically address the whole body to restore alignment and posture- from a former college teacher and I was blown away by the results: my back healed and the changes in my whole body and being were profound. I gained greater body awareness, more easeful and efficient movement, and better performance in climbing and skiing.

Rolfing® gave me back the freedom to enjoy my active lifestyle again without worry of a weak back. As my posture became more upright, I experienced greater confidence that led me to take a solo trip to South America (finally), stand up for myself in discriminating events at work, and pursue goals and dreams that had felt overwhelming previously. Embedded in how we hold ourselves and move through the world are our beliefs about ourselves and surroundings. We convey confidence, fear, ambivalence, grief, enthusiasm. I experienced the power of "free the tissue, free the mind."

I knew that I would share this work in the world. A year later, after another season on the mountain and traveling for 3 months in South America, I returned to study at RISI and open my first practice in Nevada City, California. With a few stops along the way, I have landed back in native Maryland enjoying the water life of Annapolis.