What they're all saying

"I read an article in RunnersWorld that lead me to the Rolf Institute. After much deliberation and research I found Audrey. I was skeptical at first but after just 1 session I felt a surprising difference. I came back for one more session before I decided to do the total body series and I have never looked back! It was readily apparent to me that Audrey knew her stuff! She never promised a ‘miracle cure’ for my back pain, it has been through Audrey’s guidance, overwhelming knowledge, patience, and reliability in the application of Rolfing that has had the greatest impact on my body and on my life. Thank you Audrey!"
— LRox, Lubsy, MD

"You have magic fingers! I felt great at basketball today which is saying a lot since I went to bed at midnight and we start at 5:30am. I could not miss a shot and I never felt short of breath- good stuff."
— D.H., Annapolis, MD